“...i could smell the booze on my coat as i fumbled in the rain for something. the thugs stood waiting, the message from their boss not going unheard after they had thrown me from a spot of whiskey with my lads. my hand felt the cool metal in my pocket and i pulled out a handful of coins. the eyes of the obviously poor thugs lit up as they agreed to leave me alone. the leader walked towards me, hand outstretched and i took the opening. i stuck him right in the nose, gods it felt good to be alive...”

The Monk Tradition

Way of the

Solve problems with money, for everything else a good fisticuff will do

Key Feature

At It!

Bribe hostile targets to look the other way and stop attacking

Class Features
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    • Thick of the Fight
    • After You Of Course
    • The Friendly Wager
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
    • Have At You
    • DeDuction
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
    • Throw Money At It!
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  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
  • 17
    • Unrelenting Attack
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  • 20

3rd level feature

Thick of the Fight

“I can do this all day”

Less Hp you have, the more ki points you recover. At the start of your turn you regain KI’s equal to what percentage of max health you have remaining.

Ki Replenished per round
2 Ki
5 Ki
10 Ki
Half Max Ki

3rd level feature

After You Of course

“It’s unbecoming to strike a person first”

A gentry always comes last. If you take the dodge action, you can react to as many attacks that come against you, whether those attacks hit you or not. If ready action to go after another player then the effect ends after your turn.

If you take the Dodge action you may still use your bonus action to do Flurry of Blows.

3rd level feature

The Friendly Wager

Care for a wager?

At the cost of 2 Ki point, when you successfully attack a creature you do full damage until the start of your next turn.

6th level feature

Have At You

Ah, I like these odds!

As a bonus action you attempt to rouse all hostile creatures to strike you. All hostile creatures within 30 feet make a WIS saving throw. On a failure their next attacks must be directed at you. On a save they are uncompelled.

You can use this an amount of times equal to your Proficiency bonus per day.

6th level feature


It’s all so clear my dear

You can spend an action watching your enemy fight or spend 10 mins outside of combat to deduce how they move. This gives you advantage on all ability checks and attack rolls against them for 1 minute.

If you make a successful attack on them you can expand a Ki point to cast an additional Flurry of blows.

Once per short rest

11th level key feature

Throw Money At IT

No problem can’t be solved by throwing money at it.”

As an action you can throw an amount of money at a creature to stop it attacking or pursuing you. The creature must hold value in money to be affected. On a success the creature stops following you for 1 minute. This does not stop them from ever coming after you later and any aggressive action against them will cause them to resume their actions. You must succeed a wisdom check to cause the effect.

(20 - WIS spell attack) + Creature CR

Minimum level of currency needed for a creature’s CR


Amount of coins needed to effect Wisdom Save

Disadvantage on roll
No Change
Advantage on rolls

You can also throw money at a higher bracket to gain additional effects

Amount of coins needed to effect Wisdom Save

Lvl above bracket
+5 to Wis Saving throw
target stops pursuing for 1 hour
target stops pursuing for a day
target switches sides
*If their morals allow

For example, if you throw a Silver at a CR 1 Commoner, they will stop pursuing you for 1 hour. If you throw a Platinum at them, they will ask to join your side/cause.

17th level feature

Unrelenting Attack

I will be the one

You are the very model of a modern major gentry. For every Ki point you expend you can make an extra attack.

You now have no limit to your reaction attacks


just one more round

Just One more Round
Getting Into Character

   When you have all the money in the world, things can get boring fast. Some members of the Gentry have instead turned to more visceral hobbies to get a rush.

     Secret underground boxing rings and friendly wagers as they engage in fighting matches at night while their suits and dresses cover the bruises they acquire.

     However just because one seeks a rush of adrenaline doesn’t mean one has turned their back on the civility of society and is not immune to using their wealth to get them out of any situation.

The Way of the Gentry is for people who enjoy chewing the scenery and tasting the finer things in life. Part of the upper echelons they get a thrill from being part of something secret and have no qualms in using their wealth to sort out an issue.

Think of characters like
Harry Hart
Sherlock Holmes
Jenny Flint
Role in the group

solve the problems

Sometimes the party benefactor, sometimes just a bored rich kid with too much coin to toss around, this Monk adheres to the ways of the gentry in all things they undertake.

There is rarely any point in travelling alone when you have the money to show off. Surrounding yourself with people who will do the dirty work while you get the thrill of a near death experience is the latest trend.

“I am surrounded by all the comforts that money can buy, yet I envy those who live day to day.”
Sophie Hanson
Bored Lady


     Bored with life in the gentry, they are always seeking new ways to feel alive. Gatherings and social demands are their worst nightmare and would rather spend time in the underground arenas where they are treated the same as everyone else. A nobody. However that’s not to say they don’t enjoy being rich.


     Gentry Monk’s love to spend time with those they care about, drinking, partying, and getting up to no good. Bond’s formed while running from the local guard tend to stick much harder than those they sat at a dinner table with. While considered black sheep of their families, they would die to protect them.


     They have no qualms with breaking a few rules and in-fact go out of their way to do so on many occasions. Goading friends into going along with their hijinks. Gentry Monk’s believe that money can solve any problem. It’s just about finding the right amount.


     While in downtime they get fidgety and can’t help but get themselves into trouble. Either by starting a fight or insulting the wrong person to provoke a reaction. Being of wealthy backgrounds do they however enjoy a certain level of luxury when travelling.

Short Story

The Ring

A short teaser for a narrative
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