“...the music stopped as the guards burst into the party. merrymakers gasped as the clanking of steel boots sounded off the wooden dance floor. they came right up to the host and began to say something i couldn’t quite hear, but knew all too well what it pertained to as they began dragging the protesting man off. people shouted as chaos erupted. i began to meld into back of the crowd as i slipped away. treasure awaited and my carefully orchestrated distraction wouldn’t last long...”

The Rogue Archetype

The Con

Let the fates decide what happens next and put on the grandest show of all

Key Feature

Play The

Play a card from your deck and see what the fates have in store

Class Features
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    • Act of Confidence
    • Master of The Con
    • Play The Deck
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
    • Control the Deck
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
    • Trick Up My Sleeve
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
    • Stack The Deck
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
  • 17
    • Shuffle The Deck
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20

3rd level feature

ACT of COnfidence

“I’ve always got a card up my sleeve”

Instead of Sneak attack you can choose to perform an Act of Confidence. Acts of Confidence allow you to perform actions based on the the Deck of Confidence. This Deck denotes actions, items or objects that assist you in your confidence job.

When out of combat, you can perform an Act of Confidence whenever you are making an ability check with advantage. Should you have advantage on a saving throw, you can perform an Act of Confidence as a reaction.

3rd level feature

Master of the Con

“Always be prepared to be someone else”

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with the disguise kit, the forgery kit, and a deck of cards. You also learn two languages of your choice.

If you spend 1 minute observing a target, make a Insight Check against a DC 15. You then gain advantage against them.

3rd level key feature

Play the Deck

Lady luck is a personal friend of mine

When you play an Act of Confidence you draw a random card and the DM helps you make the action happen to the best of their abilities in the situation. You can use a Major Arcana Tarot deck or a standard playing cards deck using the Face cards, Aces, 10s and Jokers.

When you draw the Act of Confidence put the card aside until you finish a long rest then shuffle it back into the deck. When you play a card, the Act of Confidence can’t be an illogical event, sometimes the DM will need to have the effect come up later.

It is encouraged that you and the party work with your DM to help play the event.

Spell save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier

Spell attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier

Act of Confidence
♣️ 10
The Magician
Cast a spell up to 1st level as a bonus action and then roll on the wild magic table. At level 5 you can cast a 2nd level, Level 9 you can cast a 3rd, 13th level you can cast 4th level and 17 you can cast 5th level.
♥️ 10
The Fool
Have someone working with you on the inside. This person is friendly to you and will help your party in their goals. Provided that they don’t contradict their alignment. This person may ask for compensation or a favour.
♦️ 10
The High Priestess
You cast a one of the following Divination spells as a bonus action. This can be cast from a magical trinket or gadget if you wish, after use the trinket/gadget is inert until this card is played again.

At Level 3 you can cast Guidance, level 5 you can cast Augury, Level 7 you can cast Clairvoyance, Level 11 you can cast Arcane Eye, Level 13 you can cast Scrying.
♠️ 10
The Empress
You have managed to obtain an item that helps you out of this exact situation and have hidden on your person. This item can be magical in nature, but should be specific to the task at hand..
♣️ J
The Emperor
You have a note from a relevant authority figure granting your permission to enter a forbidden location, carry out a certain task or continue on your course of action. This note is forged or obtained illegally if you do not personally know the figure. DC18 Insight is required to see it is fake. The Dungeons Master decides who this is.
♥️ J
The Hierophant
You can cast Programmed Illusion as a bonus action. This can be cast from a magical trinket or gadget if you wish, after use the trinket/gadget is inert until this card is played again.
♦️ J
The Lovers
You have spent some time at an inn or other social location making friends or lovers with someone with knowledge to help you complete your task. This knowledge is something that only someone on the inside would know.

Roll a D10 to see how good the information is.

1-2: This information is basic knowledge to those within a group or organisation, but not those who aren’t apart of it.
3-4: This information is common knowledge to those within a group or organisation.
5-6: This information is insider knowledge known by those who have been there for a long time
7-8: This information is not well known by those outside of certain positions
9-10: This information is a closely guarded secret to only the highest authorities
♠️ J
The Chariot
Know of a quick or hidden exit to your location. This exit should allow you and the party to escape, though not always at ease.
♣️ Q
Call in a favour from an expert relevant to situation that the Dungeons Master decides. This favour cannot greatly jeopardise the figure’s station or mortality.

Roll a D6:

1: You know a useful piece of information relevant to the experts area
2: The expert has a buddy that can assist you in the situation but is not bound to do so
3: You have forged documents relevant to the expert
4: The expert has given you a disguise relevant to their expertise
5: They caused an event to happen that benefits the party. This could be a distraction, a shift change, a door becoming unlocked.
6: They join your party for a time.
♥️ Q
The Hermit
Gain expertise in a ability check of your choice for the next minute.
♦️ Q
The Wheel of Fortune
Roll 1d6 to decide your fate.

1. Critical fail on action
2. Add a 1d4 to your roll
3. A player within 15ft can use the help action for free
4. Add expertise to roll
5. Play this card at the end of an action to undo and redo your action
6. Critical success on action
♠️ Q
Keep this card in hand and on one of your turn you can play this card to remove a condition from yourself. This card is discarded when you draw a new card.
♣️ K
The Hanged Man
In an instance of pure luck you and your party get an opportunity to get out of your situation. This doesn’t mean that the threat is gone, just that you aren’t bound by fate. For example when the dragon is about to breath fire it chokes, or the door on the back of the guard wagon pops open.
♥️ K
The next roll of a target creature has a -10 to it. Your next roll has a -5 to it.
♦️ K
You can cast one of the following Enchantment spells as a bonus action. This can be cast from a magical trinket or gadget if you wish, after use the trinket/gadget is inert until this card is played again.
Level 3 you can cast Charm Person, Level 5 you can cast Calm Emotions, Level 9 you can cast Fast Friends, Level 13 you can cast  Confusion  and Level 17 you can cast Modify Memory
♠️ K
The Devil
A target person will allow you complete your task at the expense that they will require a favour from your at a later time that they can call in. Failure to honour the favour may be met with consequences. The target person is unlikely do something that would go against their alignment or morals.
♣️ A
The Tower
Have hidden or smuggled a useful item into a hidden location. This item has to be something you had before entering the location.
♥️ A
The Star
For the next 24hrs when you go down to death saving throws, you automatically succeed and are stabilised.
♦️ A
The Moon
When you play this card you gain +15 passive perception for the next 10mins.
♠️ A
The Sun
Your next roll has a +10 to it. The following roll has a -5 to it.
🃏Joker Colour
Target another player, that player no matter their location now one of the following effects of your choice: They have a small item that can be hidden on their person, their current location has an anomaly to assist in their escape, they have knowledge of how to escape, or a friendly figure is nearby to assist in their escape.
🃏Joker B/W
The World
You cause a big distraction to happen in your location. Everyone within 60ft must roll a WIS Save vs your spell save DC or be distracted.

6th level feature

Control the Deck

“I control my own fate, most of the time”

At the start of each day you can draw up to five cards and can mulligan up to three cards and redraw them.

You can use these cards whenever you can do an act of Confidence.

After you have used all 5 cards you can draw back 2 cards and redraw when you use one to a total of two.

9th level feature

Trick up My Sleeve

“All going according to plan”

Equal to half your proficiency bonus each day you can chose to give yourself advantage on a roll.

13th level feature

Stack the Deck

“There is no such thing as luck, just good planning”

At the start of each day you can pick 5 cards to create a hand for yourself.

You can use these cards whenever you can do an act of Confidence.

17th level feature

Shuffle the Deck

“Don’t worry, I’ve accounted for everything”

You can pick any card from the deck when you do an Act of Confidence


live a little

Live a Little
Getting Into Character

        Where there is fortune to be made, a Con Artist isn’t far away. Life is a game to these people and they’ve have the blessing of lady luck to somehow survive throughout it all.

    Unlike the traditional thief, the Con Artist is all about the show, letting their victims know exactly who was the one who got the better of them in the most extravagant way.

     They always have a card up their sleeves for nearly every situation thanks to careful and sometimes lengthily planning to pull off the most memorable cons.

The Con Artist is for people who enjoy to play the charismatic trickster. Unlike other Rogues, they are masters of the social encounter and thanks to their deck of cards can change the sway of the game in an instant.

Think of characters like
Hober Mallow
Monica Costello
Danny Ocean
Wanda Gerschwitz
Role in the group

Bring a Little Chaos

Where’s the fun in life without a little chaos? These rogues absolutely thrive in thinking on their feet to pull a stunt off and get out of nearly any situation. With the hand that fate dealt them they never know what comes next.

There is little point to being the ultimate showman if there isn’t a crowd to watch and help you pull off your con-jobs. Teaming up with other specialists can mean the difference between wealth and death.

“I never know what the day will bring, keeps things interesting to just go with the flow.”


     Con artists are the life of the party. In fact they see life as one big entertainment. Fun is around every corner if you play hard enough. They take what they want and have no qualms in taking what they believe can earn them some extra money. Unlike a common thief, the art of how they take it and spectacle of it is part of the fun.


     These Rogues leave a trail of lovers and enemies where ever they wander. Each new city an opportunity to try something new and have some fun. Normally surrounding themselves with people they can trust to back them up and get them out of sticky situations.


     Unlike a thief, these Rogues see themselves more as artists and tricksters. Their enjoyment coming from the execution of their masterful plans as their marks watch everything unfold. Killing is a last resort of a massive failure and normally entails quickly getting out of town.


     Con artists spend most of their downtime enjoying the fruits of their escapades. Living in temporary luxury until the next job comes around. Where the planning, observation and plotting begin.

Short Story

The Trick

A short teaser for a narrative
Read the Story
Download The PDF

A handy reference guide for playing as The Bounty Hunter in your game.


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