“...Rain patters on the grass as I stalk towards my quarry. The fear in their eyes pleads for a fate different to what stands before them. They pull their gun Out, to save their neck from the hangman. They get their wish. I spare them from the gallows by drawing faster.
I always strike first...”

The Ranger Archetype


Stop at nothing to track down and bring your marks in dead or alive.

Key Feature


Get the drop on everyone and deal extra damage to all enemies on the first round of combat

Class Features

3rd level feature

Favoured Profession

“It’s amazing how similar people are when they are trying to be unique.”

Hunting beasts is one thing, hunting people is another. Swap out favoured enemy for a favoured profession that you are skilled in tracking. These could be: nobles, warriors, mages, thieves, commoners, merchants, etc.

You have advantage on (INT) Investigation Checks to learn more about your target, as well advantage on Wisdom Ability Checks to deduce their daily routines. You also have proficiency with a tool that the profession uses if they use one.

Choose one additional favoured profession at 6th and 14th level instead of a favoured enemy. As you gain levels your choices should reflect the types of professions you have hunted.

3rd level key feature

STrike First

“Survival often comes down to who is quickest on the draw.”

You have developed a keen eye for combat and a trigger happy demeanour.  When you take the attack action on your first round of combat you can attack up to your proficiency bonus’ worth of additional targets. Targeting different creatures, roll to attack normally dealing Strike First Damage as your weapon type. The targets must be within range of you at the start of your turn and your weapon must be able to attack as many times as required.

Additionally can choose to disarm your targets, instead of dealing additional damage. On a successful hit you instead force them to make a Strength saving throw vs your spell save DC. On a failure the target/s drop their weapons unless unable to. On a success they do not lose grip of their weapon.


3rd level feature

Particular Set of Skills

You got to adapt to the situation, lest you find yourself in a sticky spot.

Choose between a set of skills that many Bounty Hunters specialise in. Select one from the table below, you can change your set of skills to another at 7th, 11th or 15th levels.

Skill Archetype
You can can wear heavy armour at no penalty and gain +1 AC when wearing it.
When you attack a creature at over 120ft you deal an additional dice of damage equal to your Strike First dice. Once per round.
When you attack a creature within reach you deal an additional dice of damage equal to your Strike First dice. Once per round.
When against a single enemy in combat you can deal 1 additional Strike First action against them.
Quick Draw
If you are first in initiative order then you can make one additional Strike First attack against a target
When an enemy is below 15% of their maximum HP you deal an additional Strike First die.

7th level feature

Glory of the hunt

Oh I do love it when they run.”

Nothing can escape for long. You can mark a target of your favoured profession within 120ft line of sight as your quarry. As long as they are on the same plane of existence, you gain the following benefits.   You gain advantage on Perception, Insight and Intimidation ability checks when tracking or learning more information about your target.

This mark ends when you discover the target is dead or you have turned them into whoever posted a bounty on them. You can then use this ability at the next dawn. Ending the hunt early cause you to have to wait 7 days before using the ability again.

Casting Hunter’s Mark on your quarry deals 2d10 damage. When you are within 10ft of the quarry you can deal instead 1d10 damage to a non-marked target once per round.

11th level feature

I Like Those Odds

Finally, a worthy challenge!

Experience has left you better equipped to take on greater odds. When you enter initiative,  add up the total number of party members present in the fight and the number of enemies you are facing.

If the total number of enemies out-numbers your party by 2 at the start of the round then you and any allies are considered ‘Outnumbered.’ Refer to the table below to see what bonuses you receive.

Odds State
Odds Condition
Add 1 bonus Strike First dice to an attack. Once per round
Double your Strike First dice on your first round of combat.
Party members can can add a dice equal to your Strike First dice on one attack rolls each round. You can add this damage to each attack you make.

15th level feature

Proceeding Reputation

I’m sure you’ve heard of me, so lets make this easy and you hand yourself in.

You have obtained a reputation that few haven’t heard of. Creatures that can see or hear makes a Contested Wisdom Saving Throw against your Intimidation Ability Check.

If they fail, they become frightened of you and you are now able to land a Critical hit on a 19 or 20 and your Strike First does maximum damage to them.

You can intimidate an amount of people this way equal to your proficiency bonus. This ability lasts for 10 minutes. This can be used once per day, resetting on a long rest.



Dead or Alive
Getting Into Character

   A Bounty Hunter, though deemed more civilized than traditional rangers, still operates outside the norms of society. Their independence is evident as they are summoned by either the state or the rebellion to pursue specific individuals and collect bounties, whether dead or alive.    

   Driven by a sense of satisfaction in the pursuit, these Rangers exhibit quick thinking and even quicker reflexes. They assess the odds, relying on grit and determination to forge a path towards their target.

   While most bounty hunters exude intimidation, the most notorious among them boast reputations capable of instilling fear in those unfortunate enough to cross their paths.

The Bounty Hunter is for people who love the thrill of the hunt. investigating and learning more about their marks as they look for clues and speak with the locals. Once they find them however all guns go blazing as they become an unstoppable force of terror.

Think of characters like
Din Djarin / The Mandolorian
Yalena "Dutch" Yardeen
Rick Deckard
Faye Valentine
Role in the group

First Through the Door

While Bounty Hunters work well alone, some jobs are too big to fly solo. Often a Bounty Hunter will find themselves within a group either finding them out to assist with a bounty or have been brought in by a common patron.

Alternatively a Bounty Hunter may be with a group of adventurers during their time between bounties, seeing the time more as a hobby that keeps their wits and blades always sharp.

“To hunt a beast is to know
dominance. To hunt a man is to
know fear.”
The Deadeye


     A Bounty Hunter is considered more civilised than the more traditional rangers but that doesn’t mean they are civil. They work independently from the status quo, being called by the state or the rebellion to track down particular people of interest and claim the bounty, dead or alive.


     Constantly on the move, Bounty Hunters tend to have very little contact with those outside the profession for their families sake. Most tend to have someone working to find them new contracts. Other Bounty Hunters can either be a threat or an ally and it does well to work out who is which fast.


     To some its just a job, to others its a life style. Either way the contract is a contract and finding your mark is all that matters. A sense of lawfulness surrounds the Bounty Hunter, either to the law of the land, the contract being completed or to the profession itself.


     During downtime, some Bounty Hunters might take on a few smaller jobs to help pay for new gear and lifestyle. Others might only take on bigger jobs so spend their downtime relaxing and getting to have some peace and quiet. Either way the need to hunt is always there and never really goes away.

Short Story

The Hunt

A short teaser for a narrative
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A handy reference guide for playing as The Bounty Hunter in your game.


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