“...The warm summer breeze blew the fields as i lifted my arms to cool down. I looked up at the blue sky and smiled. watching with hatred in their eyes. The harvest was good this year, we’d be able to afford to repair the barn with the extra produce sold. The sound of children playing drifted on the rustling of the wheat. Today life was good. Suddenly a worker shouted and I looked down the road to see a group of adventurers. Nothing good ever came of adventurers...”

The Druid Circle

Circle of

Protect the community and harvest
those who seek its demise

Key Feature



Class Features
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    • Circle Spells
    • Sowing Seeds
    • A Bountiful Harvest
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  • 6
    • OnE With Nature
    • Song of the People
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    • The Community
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    • For The Greater Good
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2nd level feature

Circle Spells

??, ??
Bless, Bane,  Anti-Guidance (New Spell  Cantrip)
Fireball, Custom 1
Custom 2, Fabricate
Skill empowerment, Rary’s Telepathic Bond

2nd level key feature

Sowing Seeds

Seeds? SEEDS!

A good leader sows seeds that will blossom into something greater. When you cast a spell you can give a Druidic Seed to the target. A hostile target must make a WIS saving throw against the Druid’s Spell Save. On a success no seed is planted. While the Target has a Druidic Seed, you can cast spells from the seeded person, using them as the origin of your spells. The range you can use them as your spell origin is:

As a bonus action while you are within 40ft all damage you deal heals a linked target for half of total damage dealt. This can be cast equal to your WIS modifier per long rest.

At level 2
30ft line of sight

At Level 10
60 ft line of sight

At level 14
120ft no line of sight required

Hostile targets can make a WIS check after the end of each of their turns to remove the seed.

You can cast spells from the Druidic Seed target as many times as your Proficiency Bonus. After the last charge is spent, the seed withers. You can give Druid Seeds as many times as your Druid Level. Refreshing at the next dawn.

2nd level feature

A Bountiful Harvest

“Eating fresh from the earth is the best way to get big and strong”

Your agrarian knowledge from your circle gives you unique ability to grow a small 5x5ft garden bed of vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices that allow you to create a meal for 6 people. For those who have eaten the meal, the Following day they gain the following:

- They are given a druidic seed (If more than the Druid’s level, the druid chooses who gains the Druidic Seed)
- Gain Temp Hit Points Equal to your Druid Level + WIS Modifier
- If other party members help prepare the meal with the Druid gain extra Temp Hit Points per party member x3

- Advantage on one ability check of their choosing once per day

After 24 hours the Garden bed withers unless the Druid maintains it.

6th level feature

One With Nature

“Listen to the song of the plants”

You and those around you can commune with plants. This acts the same as the spell Speak with Plants. The effect is within a 15ft radius to those around you.

Every non-magical plant-based produce you harvest becomes the best it can possibly be.

Stored food within 60ft of you doesn’t spoil.

6th level feature

Song of The People

“Stand together, stand strong!”

You and your allies join in song against your adversaries. The longer you concentrate on the singing the song the more you get. For the first round of the song any allies within 60ft radius cannot be frightened and gain add advantage to their WIS rolls. Enemies within 60ft radius must make a WIS saving throw against your Spell Save DC. On a failure, they get disadvantage on WIS saves.

On following rounds you continue to sing the song of the people you heal allies 1d6 + WIS modifier. While singing you can not use verbal components.

Once per short rest.

10th level feature

The Community

“We fight as one and we die as one”

All willing party members within 120ft can choose to pool their health together. Add up everyone’s current HP and everyone then takes damage from that pool instead of their own.

The total Max HP is equal to everyone’s max HP pooled. If the pool should drop to 0 then the party goes to death saving throws together.

Once per day resetting at dawn.

14th level feature

For the Greater Good

“The greater good”

As an action you heal yourself to Max hit points and end your turn. Next Round you distribute your Life essence to all those who hold a Druidic Seed equally (rounding down).

All allies with seeds can heal the given amount. All enemies with Druidic seeds take damage equal to their given amount. This damage negates all resistances. You then fall to 0HP but are stable and incapacitated.

This can be used once per day.


We Are One People

We Are One People
Getting Into Character

        Druids of the Field are shepherds of people rather than animals. Devoting their time to protecting the family farming communities and bringing about a bountiful harvest.

    Masters of cultivating the farms and the gardens, these people understand the need to live in balance with nature and the needs of the people. Making them excellent champions of the needs of those who are forgotten by those in power.

     These Druids see the need in working as one and bringing people together to overcome any obstacle that prevents itself .

The Circle of the Fields is for people who enjoy to slow things down and enjoy the natural beauty of the world. Bringing people together and spreading unity amongst the group and the people they met in a shared cause.

Think of characters like
Claire McLeod
Darryl Kerrigan
Francine Riant
Samwise Gamgee
Role in the group

Protect The People

These Druids are all about building and supporting the community that the party forms during their travels. Settling arguments and guiding them to work better together.

They may have left their farming community to go on an adventure to protect it or perhaps to keep watch over some members who have decided to leave the flock to explore.

“No matter how far we roam, we are never far from the family that protects us.”
Community Leader


     Field Druid’s are all about helping their communities thrive and grow. Love and care are the backbones of their mindsets and will never turn away a friend in need. Hiding behind that warmth is a fury for those that hurt the community, especially outsiders.


     These Druid’s count themselves lucky to have many people they consider family and friends. All of which who would sacrifice for the greater good. They can be wary of newcomers, but once they gain their trust, a bond of steel is formed.


     Whatever they do, must be good for the community. Selfishness is a sin that must be purged. They follow the laws of their community to the letter, only bending them if the outcome would yield a better result that if it would be followed.


     Cooking, gardening, storytelling, and wandering through nature are the favoured ways to relax. Providing a good lunch for everyone in the party is a simple joy and they make sure no one goes without.

Short Story

The Farm

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