“...the blast of the train horn bellowed in the night as i read my book. the steady puffing of steam and clanking of wheels on the tracks now background noise as i saw the shadow approach my cabin. they raised their weapon, hoping to finish me off. amateur. with a swift movement they flung the door open but before they could aim their weapon they came face to face with my own. now it was time to get some answers...”

The Warlock Archetype


An unstoppable killing machine that uses anything at their disposal, while looking suave.

Key Feature

It Takes

Anything can be a weapon if you know how to use it.

Class Features
  • 1
    • The hAndler
    • Pact of the Attire
    • Invocations
    • Ear to the ground
    • Whatever it Takes
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
    • Silver Tongue
    • Dossier Request
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
    • Extreme Conditioning
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
    • Rampage
  • 16
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20

1st level feature

The Handler

“I see potential, where others see limitation”

You work for a person responsible for overseeing your missions to either protect or destroy the state.

You have dedicated your life to a group of people with a cause. Whether it be in service to the nation or rogue faction, they have your back. To ensure you get what you need they have appointed a Handler to train, outfit and keep you in check.

Perhaps you came to this life by choice and devotion to the cause, or was it by birthright, or even be force. Either way this is your life now and nothing matters but seeing victory and safety for your people.

Your Handler is the one you give you your missions and support from and is always watching out for you. Defy them and you might end up being hunted by them to take you out of the picture.

Handler Spell List
??, ??
Pass without a trace, Zone of truth
Custom 1, Nondetection
Death ward, Confusion
Custom 2, Passwall

1st level feature

Pact Of the Attire

“Suit maketh the spy”

Your patron knows the importance of always being dressed for the part. This attire comes in the form of a well tailored suit, beautiful dress or any other setting appropriate form of clothing. While wearing only your attire, your AC becomes 10 plus CHA modifier and the environment doesn’t affect you. (Doesn’t slow down in water, heat proof, cold proof).

You have proficiency in forgery kit and can forge documents including official papers and personal letters, as long as you have seen an example of the kind of document or the handwriting you are trying to copy.

1st level feature


“Now listen closely”

Your Handler has given you access to specialty benefits that you can choose to use on your missions.
These are additional Invocations that are thematic to The Handler patron

Quick hands

(Prerequisite: Lvl 5, The Handler)

When you make an attack with an improvised weapon or unarmed strike you can make an additional attack.

Experimental Prototypes

Your patron gives you two experimental items. These are unique one of a kind inventions that are suited to your mission. Refer to the table below on what items you are given. When you take this Invocation again you gain an additional two items and can switch out your current ones if you wish. You can select this invocation up to three times.

- A timepiece with a garrote concealed within

- An explosive writing tool that when triggered casts a 4th-level fireball on itself with a 7 second fuse.

- Attache case in the form of a folder, briefcase or bag that shares the same properties as a bag of holding

- A tracking device with a small attachment. The attachment can be tracked to a range of 12 miles and the device points in the direction of the attachment

- A small recording device that can play back 4 minutes of audio via a minor illusion

- A grappling hook belt

Tactical Lining

(Prerequisite: Pact of the Attire, lvl 9)

Your attire gets resistance to Non Magical Damage

Information is our game

+5 bonus to investigation checks

Cunning Linguist

You gain advantage on persuasion and deception ability checks. Twice per short rest.

Positively Shocking

(Prerequisite: Pact of the attire)

If you die you are instead stabilised at 1hp, you remain incapacitated until healed or a successful medicine check from another person. You must be wearing your attire and your body can’t be destroyed for this to work. Once this has been used you must get a replacement attire from your patron.

Shrug it off

You can reduce the damage dealt to you equal to your CHA modifier the amount of times equal to your proficiency bonus per short rest.

Hidden pockets

(Prerequisite: Pact of the Attire, lvl 5)

Your attire has a hidden pocket sewn that can conceal a small weapon, experimental prototype or other small object from prying eyes.

1st level feature

Ear To the Ground

“Most of my job is just listening to the crowds”

You have a well trained ear for picking out conversations. You can clearly listen in on any conversation that is within 90ft that might be considered muffled or hard to hear, that isn’t being blocked by magical means.

1st level key feature

Whatever it Takes

Anything can be a weapon if you swing it hard enough

You can turn anything around you into a improvised weapon. All items that could be concealed on your person deal 1d6 + CHA modifier, all other items deal 1d8 + CHA modifier.
Fists are considered concealable weapons.Improvised weapons can also be unmovable objects (eg. a wall, vehicle, railings)If you break the weapon during an attack (eg. glass bottle) you can add an additional damage equal to your proficiency bonus.

Objects follow the hardness HP. Each time you attack with the weapon it takes half the DMG dealt to it.

At level 6 your concealable damage increase to 1d8, unconcealable becomes 1d10. At level 11 your concealable damage becomes 1d12 and unconcealable becomes 2d6.

6th level feature

Silver Tongue

“What’s a darling like you doing in a place like this?”

Speech craft is an important part of your toolkit. Make a contested CHA ability Check vs Insight check at a target you are in conversation with.

If you succeed you charm them and can cast suggestion at will without expending a warlock spell slot. This last for an hour.

If the target succeeds the check they become immune to it for 1 day.

6th level feature

Dossier Request

“I’d appreciate any extra information you can provide”

At the end of each day you can ask your Handler for further information on a target, location or object. The next morning you receive the information dossier, either written, spoken or at DM’s discretion.

The more information you already have about the thing, the more precise and detailed the information you receive is.

The information you learn is accurate but might be couched in figurative language or propaganda.

10th level feature

Extreme Conditioning

“I don’t rest until the mission is over”

When you fall to death saving throws you are not incapacitated but can continue making actions while you roll death saving throws.

If you succeed in death saving throws or the current threat is neutralised then you immediately become incapacitated but stable. Damage and critical hits rules are still in effect.

14th level feature


“They always choose the hard way”

Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned rampage to survive.
For 30 seconds you focus your training which doubles the beams of eldritch blast and doubles the proficiency bonus to hit. You gain an addition 10ft of movement. Additionally at the cost of one of the beams you can make an improvised weapon attack (max 8 beams can be switched). When the rampage is over you gain a level of exhaustion.

Can be used once per long rest.


I nEver Miss

I Never miss
Getting Into Character

       Warlocks of The Handler are some of the best killers and intelligence gathers in the land. Rather than having an ethereal otherworldly patron, they are instead supported by factions looking to stay one step ahead.

    Using whatever they can find, they stop at nothing to complete their mission. From their silver tongues to a piece of wood they found.

     Dressed in the most stunning attire, they have little in the way of self preservation when it comes to the length they will go to.

The Handler Patron Warlock is for people who enjoy to play mysterious and charismatic characters. They enjoy the social encounter as much as the thrill of scraping by in a fight with nothing but their wits about them.

Think of characters like
George Smiley
James Bond
Dedra Meero
Lorraine Broughton
Role in the group

information gathering

Handler Warlock’s excel in prying information from people and learning more about whatever cunning plan is underway. Then blasting their way right to the top to save the day.

A hero on the frontlines of battle, or just off to the side, they just never stop moving forward. These Warlocks understand that while going solo is fine, working as a team always yields better results with people behind their backs.

“I don’t have time for
fear, it tends to slow
me down.”
Special Agent


     Warlock’s of The Handler are deeply devoted to their cause. Willing to give their lives to furthering it. They are as charming as they are ruthless and find it hard to trust people. Their profession necessitates  that they have a cold exterior and only seem to warm up when they can draw some information out.


     Having lasting relationships is just a way for their enemies to get leverage on them. They prefer to keep things casual and keep their walls up for their own protection. When they do find people they can trust and let them in, they are furiously loyal and protective of them.


     They have no qualms about ending a person's life and see it as just another aspect of the job. Their belief in the ends justify the means puts their thinking in the great cause than the moment. Nothing is off limits if helps get closer to their goals.


     A stressful profession normally means they enjoy to let off a lot of steam and emotions when they truly get a chance to have some downtime. Indulging in vices and relaxation before they know they are to be thrust back into the fight with only moments between them and death.

Short Story

The Train

A short teaser for a narrative
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