“...I stood in front of the gathered crowd, a sea of faces filled with rage filled tension. The soldiers lined the perimeter ready to pounce. They knew I was going to stir trouble, but I cared not. now was the hour. I began to call the dukes new orders into question and the soldiers began to move towards me, the crowd got rough and a fight broke out. Soon it devolved into a full riot and the tension spilled over as the people charged towards the castle. soon we’d be free ...

The Bard College

College of Propaganda

The truth is whatever you decide it to be

Key Feature


Give Bardic confusion to enemies to throw them into disarray

Class Features
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    • Maddening Truth
    • Gaslight
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  • 6
    • Smear Campaign
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    • Incite to Chaos
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3rd level key feature

Maddening Truth

You’ve been misguided, allow me to explain to you the truth

Bardic inspiration is now Bardic Confusion. You can give Bardic Confusion to a willing or unwilling creature. On a failed CHA save the creature rolls the Bardic Confusion dice and takes that much damage. If they roll a 6+ then they roll on the short-term madness table and are under that effect for one round of combat.

3rd level feature


“No, it was always like this. You’re clearly misremembering”

When you fail a Charisma ability check you can roll again at advantage. If someone passes a  Charisma saving throw against you, you can make them roll again at disadvantage. You can use this equal to your proficiency bonus per long rest.

6th level feature

Smear Campaign

“Enemies surround us on all fronts, do not let them sway you”

You spend 1 hour  to turn people against a person or creature of your choosing. Causing one of the following effects for 24 hours:

Discredit: All of their CHA d20 rolls are at disadvantage

False Accusation: Everyone has extra dice damage equal to your Bardic Die against the target.

Belittle: The Target forgoes all responsibilities and stays in their dwelling.

Boycott: The target’s livelihood is put it risk. For the duration, people ask for refund, money back, cease trade, cancel contracts.

14th level feature

Incite to Chaos

“Here your enemies have conspired against you, now is you chance!”

If you spend 1 minute speaking to a group of people that can hear you, you can incite them to perform an action for you. The speech must be in real-time (cannot be a recording) but can be broadcasted (i.e. through magic mouth).

You make a Persuasion Ability Check DC 30 and you can give them a sentence command. On a failure you words echo hollow and do not persuade the populace, but you can try again to persuade them with a single word for a DC 25.

On a success you consume your level 7th spell slot. If you do not have a 7th level spell slot, the ability does not work. You then roll 1d100 to see the percentage of people who will follow your command. Anyone that would have a fundamental objection to the command are part of the percentage of people who do not follow. The compulsion lasts for 1d4 hours. Once per day resetting at dawn.


Fear Their Lies

Fear Their Lies
Getting Into Character

        Whether working for the establishment or seeking to overthrow it, the Propagandist is one of the deadliest tools to getting public opinion on side.

    These Bards love to control the narrative and have perfected the art of swaying people’s minds to whatever they decide is the truth. For of course it is easier to spread lies that work in your favour than facts that allow people to form their own thoughts.

     During their travels they are always looking for ways to spread the message of their cause and get others to rise up and do the heavy lifting for them.

The College of Propaganda is for people who enjoy to control the narrative and sow as much chaos into the world as possible. Be it making the people of the village turn over their wealth for the good of the realm or to have them tear apart the corrupt judges.

Think of characters like
David Skylark
Effie Trinket
Karis Nemik
Monica Stuart
Role in the group


The Bard is all about the social encounters and swinging it in the parties favour. With careful preparation they can ensure they get whatever they desire through deception and persuasion.

Bard’s tend to stick around others to help protect them when their words fail. Although it is rare, even they can’t sway the minds of all people and would prefer not to get their hands dirty.

“You have been told that the Duke looks after you, this is a lie. He grows fat while you starve.”

Bridgette Imperium


     It takes a certain personality to be able to sway the minds of the masses. Charismatic and charming they are master wordsmiths who know just what to say to get what they want. Whether they believe in the cause or not, they never drop their mask of performance until alone with those they trust.


     These Bards tend to keep others close, but never in their trust. Enemies can be anywhere and one small slip up could see their own heads rolling. Instead they tend to create a facsimile of normal relationships to give them legitimacy in the cause.


     Propaganda Bard’s only have one moral. Whatever it takes to stay alive. They will say anything, do anything and no matter who is trample on beneath them they will climb to the top. Whether the cause if noble and just or not they know they need to have their voices heard.


     Much of their downtime is spent working on manifestos or new speeches. Studying the people to understand what makes them tick so they can manipulate them into getting behind them and their cause. When time permits they do love to indulge themselves in the spoils of their stations.

Short Story


A short teaser for a narrative
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