“...the haze surrounded us. like a cold blanket we were alone. even the birds had fled this forsaken place. i didn’t want to admit we were lost, but too many were counting of the message we carried. my squad mate walked ALONGSIDE me in silence. a snap of a branch. we turned to the tree line in the mist. we were not alone....”

The Fighter Archetype


Focus on doing one thing and doing it well.

Key Feature


find your role in the squad

Class Features
  • 1
    • Firearms training
  • 2
  • 3
    • Tactical Speciality
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
    • Together As One
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
    • Charge
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
    • Tactical Superiority
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
    • No One Can Save you Now
  • 19
  • 20

1st level feature

FireArms Training

“Lock and load”

If you intend to take the Specialist Subclass at 3rd level you can take the Gunner Feat at 1st level. Should you choose another subclass you will lose this Feat

3rd level key feature

Tactical Speciality

“Everyone in the team has a duty to perform, when we work together nothing can stop us”

Dedicated training has prepared you to take on a more specialist role in combat. Pick from one of the following positions:


You become skilled in battlefield medicine and helping your party out.
You gain the following benefits:

Proficiency in Medicine and Insight and can use a Healer’s kit as bonus action. If you already are proficient in this skill you gain expertise.

Feat: Healer

Ability: On your feet soldier

When you use the Healer’s Kit on a allied creature you heal them for an additional health equal to your medicine bonus. You can also use the kit on a creature more than once per their long rest.You also give them the following for one round:
The Target's speed is doubled, gains a +2 bonus to AC, advantage on Dexterity saving throws, gains an additional action, and Temp Hit points equal to your fighter level


You become skilled in taking the fight to the enemy and getting behind their lines. You gain the following benefits:

Proficiency: Intimidation and Athletics. If you already are proficient in this skill you gain expertise.

Feat: Charger

Ability: Protect the Vulnerable

As a reaction, If an allied creature within 10ft is attacked then you can jump in between the attack and take the damage instead. 3 times per short rest.


You gain the ability to lead your party to victory. You gain the following benefits:

Proficiency: Persuasion and intimidation. If you already are proficient in this skill you gain expertise.

Feat: Inspiring Leader

Ability: Onwards to Victory

As a bonus action you can rally your troops to push forward. Until the start of your next turn all allies gain 5+  your CHA modifier to damage dice rolls and are immune to being freighted. Once per short rest


You gain the understanding of explosives and targeting enemy structures. You gain the following benefits:

Proficiency: Survival and intimidation. If you already are proficient in this skill you gain expertise.

Feat: Ember of the Fire Giant

Ability: Craft Explosives

You are able to craft explosives in three different ways:
- Explode on Thrown Impact
- Explode via Trigger (60ft radius)
- Explode via Proximity
You can craft as many explosives equal to your proficiency bonus.Your explosives have a radius of 5ft. All targets must make a Dex saving throw against 16. Buildings take double damage. Dmg for your explosives are:
Lvl 3 2d4 + 1
Lvl 5 4d4 +2
Lvl 7 8d4 + 4
Lvl 11 10d4 + 10

You can only make a maximum equal to your proficiency bonus at any time. If you have left over from a previous day you cannot make any more than this maximum. (example you have a proficiency of 2 and have 1 left over so you can only make 1 additional item to match the maximum)


You become an expert in dangerous missions behind enemy lines. You gain the following benefits:

Proficiency: Athletics and Insight, If you already are proficient in this skill you gain expertise.

Feat: Great Weapon Master or Sharpshooter

Ability: Make It Quick

If you have advantage on an attack roll, you auto crit. You can gain advantage at the cost movement speed.


You become an expert in long ranged attacks. You gain the following benefits:

Proficiency: Acrobatics and investigation. You also become proficient in firearms. If you already are proficient in this skill you gain expertise.

Feat: Sharpshooter

Ability: One shot, one kill

If you are prone you deal an extra dice roll of damage on attacks and gain +5 to hit.

7th level feature

Together As One

“Watch each others backs!”

When you are within 30ft of a party member you gain a squad dice equal to the number of party members. A squad dice is 1d8 at level 7, 1d12 at level 10 and 1d20 at level 18. You can choose to add your dice roll to either an attacks damage, ability check or saving throw. Once a dice is used it can’t be expended again until after a long rest.

10th level feature


“Once more into the breach”

At the start of your turn you can cause your team members within 30ft to charge forward. Everyone can make a movement action with an additional 10ft of movement. Everyone gains an additional +1 AC for each party member within range. Everyone’s next attack deals an extra 1d6 for each team member in range. Can be used once per long rest.

If more than one Specialist fighter is in the group then add +5 damage for each specialist. Charge! can not stack on top of another charge!

15th level feature

Tactical Superiority

“Heard you could use some help”

Medic: Healing rampage

  • You craft a Gren-aid, a healing throwable item. It heals those in a 10ft radius of where you have thrown it by 10d4+20.

Vanguard: Not on my watch

  • When you Protect the Vulnerable you can make a weapon attack with an auto crit against the attacker. You can Protect the Vulnerable 5 times per short rest.

Officer: Keep moving!

  • Onwards to victory now lasts for 1 minute, and is now a concentration.

Demolitions: The big one

  • You can craft 1 additional bomb that does damage in a 30ft range and an additional + 20 dmg

Commando: Take them out

  • Only needs to sacrifice 10ft of movement to gain advantage.


  • No longer needs to be prone to do One shot, One kill.

18th level feature

Final stand

“If this is to be our end, let it such an end that they sing songs for us”

As a final stand you can make additional actions at the expense of a levels of exhaustion per action. Doesn’t not stack with Action surge.


keep moving forward

Keep Moving Forward
Getting Into Character

   Specialist fighters are the next level of solider in most armies. Attached to smaller squads they work together to overcome any obstacle the enemy throws at them.

    While they aren’t the best at any of the roles taken by other classes, they can still remain on top as a cunning warrior and fill the gaps that are needed.

     These fighters are normally seen as a group of specialists who can tear through any engagement and cause havoc behind enemy lines.

The Specialist is for people who enjoy to play the classic fighter, but want to be able to fill a more realistic role. They can handle situations outside of combat and when grouped up in a full team of specialist fighters are a sight to behold.

Think of characters like
Bobbie Draper
Will Schofield
Rita Vrataski
Desmond Doss
Role in the group

whatever is missing

The Specialist is called in when there is gap in the skills of the party. With their versatile skill kit they make sure the party is well rounded no matter its make up.

Specialists need to work as part of a larger team or they quickly fall behind other fighters. But what they lack in solo ability they make up in team work and synergy with other players.

“We watch each other’s backs out there, cause the enemy certainly is as well.”
Sera rylith
vanguard captain


     Specialists found their calling in the military and have devoted their lives to their cause. Nothing is more important than having their friend’s and comrades back and will die to keep the team alive and to complete the mission.


     Loyal to their squad and their friends, they leave no person behind. Years of trauma of battle means that they see people outside the military as unable to understand them and can grow distant. While others seek the comfort of those who can distract them from the horrors they face,


     War is hell. It tends to bend and break even the most moral of soldiers. These specialists are no different and often find themselves in positions where they are forced to make the right choices. What makes them different is their loyalty to their cause and the ideals it upholds.


     Time spent away from the battlefield is normally filled with either desire to get back out there and back to what they know and understand, or to live as much as they can to try and forget what they have had to endure.

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