“...the winD howled down the valley as i looked up at the peaks. months of preparation and gruelling climbing up from the plains below had led me here. to stand gazing up at where the heavens were pierced by the land. a bridge between mortality and infinity. a tear froze on my cheek. this was truly the sublime...”

The Wizard School

School of Romanticism

Surrender yourself to the Sublime and find true enlightenment

Key Feature

Boon of

bolster the courage and skills of your comrades with a grand performance

Class Features
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  • 2
    • The Pleasure of Discovery
    • Boon of Enlightenment
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  • 5
  • 6
    • Step Into the Unknown
  • 7
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  • 10
    • Share Ideals
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    • The Sublime
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2nd level feature

The Pleasure of Discovery

“To seek Enlightenment, one must first become a student”

Enlightenment comes from understanding the world. When you spend time outside of a city or settlement you were raised in and spend at least 1 hour mediating, chronicling or researching you roll a d20. Any roll of 11 or higher you gain more Enlightenment points.

Every 7 nights you spend within or nearby a city or settlement that you were raised in roll a d20.

Any roll of 10 or lower and you will lose and Enlightenment point.

You can additional gain Enlightenment points from your DM at their discretion at moments such as:

- Studying a masters painting, listening to an opera, reading  a new research study or other methods of appreciating the beauty of life.
- Seeing a new awe inspiring landmark in the wilderness or in a new culture for the first time
- Creating a work of art or research paper on something new you’ve discovered
- Holding a lecture of your findings for other intellectuals.
- Surviving a near death experience.

Your Enlightenment score decreases if you undertake some of the following actions
- Hinder an artist from expressing themselves
- Champion the destruction of nature for the world of industry
- Put faith over science
- Put the benefit of another nation above your own
The Enlightenment score work similar to the Piety system. Once you gain enough points you gain the following benefits:

Student of the world +3
Gain the spell Heroism and can cast it equal to your proficiency bonus per day (minimum of 1), it is refreshed after a long rest. When you cast this spell, a rousing symphony of sound is heard by the target.

First steps of adventure+10
Proficiency in nature and advantage on nature ability checks.

Seasoned explorer+25
You can step into the unknown twice per long rest.

Artist of beauty +35
Can cast magnificent mansion once per day without spell cost or slot.

Master of the Sublime +50
If someone/thing attempts to charm you, you gain a +10 to all CHA checks. You can then cast Fear at them as a reaction without expending a spell slot.

If you or someone/thing attempts to frighten you, you gain a +10 to WIS checks. You can then cast Charm at them as a reaction without expending a spell slot.

2nd level key feature

Boon of Enlightenment

Behold the majesty of the world and be inspired!

Your wealth of knowledge in art and music allows you to regale your companions in epic tales, symphonic wonderment and awe inspiring vistas.

At the cost of movement and actions you conjure a work of art, an art piece of a vista, a booming orchestra, or a retelling of an epic. You give you and your party a boon while you orchestrate this performance that doubles proficiency for attack rolls and ability checks that the character is proficient in. When you are attacked you must make a constitution saving throw to maintain your composure.

Can be used as many times per long rest as your proficiency bonus.

6th level feature

Step into the Unknown

“I do not fear what is before me, just what people will say of me when I’m gone”

To conquer the unknown, you must first take the first step into it, undaunted by the repercussions. If DC is above 20, once per day you can add a +10 to your roll. Can be used once per long rest.

10th level feature

Share Ideals

“Come my friends, knowledge is a boon to be shared”

Other players can cast a spell from your spell book at the cost of one of their slots. They can do so once per day. If the player doesn’t have spell slots then they instead can spend 5mins reading your book and get +5 to an ability check or saving throw roll of their choice for the next 10 minutes.

Can be used once per day per player, resetting at dawn.

14th level feature

The Sublime

“To reach the sublime is to know the gods”

The Sublime is the emotion that all Romantics seek. A sense of awe that changes their world with how small they feel. The sublime is triggered by key moments in your adventure once per day and lasts for 1 minute.

The DM should let you know when you trigger the Sublime and you are free to ignore it in the moment, but you cannot use that same event on the Sublime.

Blaze of Glory
“If this is to be my final stand, then let the world know I died on my feet”
Trigger: When you take half your max HP as damage in a single round of combat by an enemy
Effect: Deal that much damage on your next targeted spell attack.

Intune with the world
“The price of knowledge can take a toll on the body”
Trigger: When you take damage from a natural event
Effect: You are immune to environmental damage

Act of self faith
“To stop now would invite failure, that is unacceptable”
Trigger: At least 1 level of exhaustion
Effect: remove a level of exhaustion at the cost of a short term madness, 5 levels = indefinite, 3 levels or more = long term, 1 level = short term

Rage against the dying of the light
“Today we shall become heroes and our songs sung till the ending of the world”
Trigger: When you are outnumbered by more than double your party number
Effect: Your boon of enlightenment becomes doubles again to quadruple proficiency  bonus.

In addition to the above effects when you are triggered you also gain the follow benefits:

- Spells with a cast time can be casted as an action
- Non Ritual Spells can be cast as bonus action


reach the sublime

INSPIRATION FOR PLAYING AS THE school of romanticism wizard IN YOUR GAME
Reach The Sublime
Getting Into Character

        The Romantics strive to explore the vast wilderness of the world, seeking the feeling of Sublime. A moment in time when you look upon the majesty of creation and feel the oppressing smallness of you in comparison.

    These Wizards are seekers of knowledge and experiences, ill-content to remain in civil society for long before they need to travel. In-fact their only reason to return is to tell others of their trips and listen to what new discoveries are out there waiting to be made.

     They believe in preserving the world as a wild place and reject the industrialisation of the society they know. Though they are not ignorant to progress as they are keen scientists and students of history.

The School of Romanticism is for people who enjoy to play the contemplative explorer. Finding wonder and majesty in discovering new things in science and the wilds. Fighting is a last resort and would rather understand what makes them hostile and seek a compromise.

Think of characters like
Amelia Brand
Steve Zissou
Kathern Janeway
Fitzwilliam Darcy
Role in the group

HEad First Into the UnKnown

Exploration and scientific research are not for the faint of heart and these Wizards are the first into whatever new discovery awaits them around the bend.

Even the most experienced explorer knows that it is folly to travel alone and there is safety in numbers. Finding a group of like minded individuals to share stories and debate new ideas is good company to keep.

“I stood there amongst the peaks of the world and saw true majesty and all I could do was weep.”
Jesenya TousSaint


     The Romantics are a group bound by their desire to discover, experience and reach the sublime. A state of being where they feel the true majesty of the world. Their love is for the wilds and sciences and reject the increasingly industrial cities they were born in. The keen intellectuals they strive to understand everything they can.


     These Wizards have a deeply poetic love for the world and those they cherish. They have no problems meeting new like minded individuals and even their rivalries are friendly in nature. Their aloofness and outward thinking can sometimes hamper relationships with people more focused on practical matters.


     Nothing is more sacred than nature and the wild places of the world. A they have deep hatred and disgust for the artificial cities that steamroll over the rolling countryside and forest. Conservatives by nature they prefer to uphold the status quo or even attempt to return to a simpler time.


     Romantics are driven by their desire to reach the sublime. Most of their downtime is spent reading, writing and researching. Studying old paintings and artworks and experiencing the world around them with wonderment. During their pursuit of knowledge many will give talks and lectures to other like minded places of learning.

Short Story

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